It can be hard to tell if expensive lingerie is worth spending the money on. There are many things to consider, such as the quality of the fabric, the lace accents, and how well the garment is made. If the stitches are all tight, with no seams exposed, you could say that it is a high-quality piece. When it comes to determining the value of lingerie, it all comes down to personal preference.

Value can have more than one meaning. Things that are considered valuable are often rare or hard to find. The Black Opal is one of the rarest gems in the world because it is only found in the mines of New South Wales in Australia. In comparison, a lacy bra that fits you in all the right places could be considered valuable and worth any amount of money.

Value is perceived differently by different people. What is worth it to you, may not be worth it to someone else. And that is perfectly fine, we don’t all have to like the same things.

It is not easy to evaluate lingerie for its perceived value. Consumers buy things out of necessity, and collect things because one day it may become more valuable. Real estate, classic cars, sports memorabilia, luxury watches, and cryptocurrency are things that increase in value over time. Lingerie, no matter how beautiful or how well-made, does not. Expensive lingerie is not something you buy as an investment. It is something you buy because you like the look and feel of it.

An $80 bra may seem expensive to someone who shops at stores that sell bras for $20. What makes it worth the price is how well it fits, how it looks, and how you feel wearing it. A really great bra that does all of that is worth the cost.

So, how can you determine if a piece of lingerie is worth the price? First, you need to decide what things are important to you, and keep those in mind while browsing the stores. Adding pieces of lingerie to your wardrobe will enhance your outfits and make you look great wearing them.

Here are a few things to look for:

buying high-quality sexy lingerie worth the cost

The Quality of the Lace

Unless you have worked for a clothing manufacturer or grew up with parents who were into high fashion, it may be hard to judge expensive lingerie just by looking at it. One of the first things to look at is the lace. Is it pure lace made on a machine, or is it embellished with an embroidered trim? Both can be beautiful, but technically, lace is more expensive to add than embroidery.

Does it look uniform like it is on every bra that company makes, or is the pattern different for each style of bra? The more intricate the lace pattern and the more symmetrical, the more value it has because these methods cost more to use, increasing the cost of producing the garment.

Hand stitching also increases the cost of a piece of clothing. Loose threads and visible seams are seen as being of poor quality. If it has crystals, rhinestones, or other embellishments it can be more expensive. La Perla bras are expensive because they are handmade in Italy, some are even embellished with gold and gemstones.

What Is It Made Of?

Natural fiber materials like cotton and silk are very soft and feel good on the skin. Synthetic fibers can also have a smooth feel on the skin and still look expensive. Again, this will depend on your preferences. Do you prefer breathable fabrics, or does that matter to you? A pair of lacy panties that are comfortable and fit like a dream are worth paying a little more for.

Is the material soft and smooth, or stiff and scratchy? One thing to consider before purchasing any item of clothing is to think about wearing this item all day long. Would this feel good on your skin for an entire day? If not, then don’t buy it.

Another issue is the design. Does the pattern line up perfectly along the seams and contours of the fabric as it should? It is dramatic and stand out? These are a few things that determine the quality of the design.

How About Details?

Are there embellishments like hooks or rings in the same color of the fabric, or are they just plain metallic? Do they look like they match the piece, or are they just oddly stuck there? If the piece has a chain or other metal pieces are they removable for washing?

Look at the elastic. Are they soft and sturdy? Good elastic is needed for support. If the elastic is looking frayed or doesn’t have enough stretch, it won't wear well.

Does it have Swarovski Crystals, rhinestones, or glass beads? Rhinestones are often made of glass or plastic, but the plastic ones tend to feel cheaply made.

Who is the Manufacturer?

The manufacturing process is probably the most expensive part of making sexy lingerie. The reason for this is because all lingerie is made by human beings. It takes a real person to operate a sewing machine and hand stitch lace onto the fabric for bras and panties.

Another consideration is are all the pieces produced in large quantities? Does the manufacturer make custom orders, or have “limited edition” or collection items? Can you get the items you want even if they go out of stock?

Some styles of luxury lingerie become popular because someone in the beauty or fashion industry endorses it. When a famous person wears an item of clothing, that look tends to get copied by other designers wanting to attract the same type of buyers. Is the style you’re wanting an original with that brand or manufacturer? Or did it start somewhere else?

Indie brands often market a limited number of styles and have a one-man operation. These brands tend to produce less volume than larger brands, but may have one-of-a-kind designs or custom-made items not available anywhere else. If you like the idea of a custom design, you probably wouldn’t mind spending $100 for a bra.

If the lingerie is factory-made, does it follow ethical practices? Check the manufacturer’s website. Most will have some type of statement about ethical sourcing of materials and fair labor practices. The processes and manufacturing standards can contribute to the cost to produce expensive lingerie.

How Do You Feel About It?

Sometimes we like something simply because others like it. No matter how nice something is, if you don’t love it, you probably won’t wear it. It could be the most beautiful piece you have ever seen, with glittering crystals and gold embellishments for upwards of $1,000. But if it sits in your lingerie drawer because it is uncomfortable to wear or doesn’t really seem to be “your style”, then it’s not worth it.

How an item fits is very important. If it rides up, bunches up, or leaves marks on your skin, it won’t be comfortable to wear for long periods. It will probably sit in your closet and be one of those things you bought but never wear.

On the other hand, if you truly love all types of lingerie and you can see yourself wearing it, then buy it immediately. An item that gets used frequently and is loved, is worth the cost. Something that fits you well and makes you feel beautiful should be treasured.

Value is subjective. It really comes down to personal preferences. There are certain factors that indicate the quality of an item, and then there is the personal value that an item has for the person who buys it. If it fits like it was made for you, and brings you happiness, then it has value to you.

When it comes to choosing expensive lingerie, look for the quality indicators that were mentioned above, but also go with how you feel about the item. It could be the most expensive item in the shop, but that doesn’t necessarily make it worth buying.

If an article of clothing is well-made, attractive, and fits comfortably, then you be the judge of whether or not it’s worth the price. Remember, value is subjective and you should buy clothing that makes you look beautiful and feel good about yourself.